Earth Matters has been one of India’s most popular and only environment series reaching over 800 million people in India. The programme was also broadcast worldwide to 52 countries via satellite and terrestrial stations.

Over the last decades Earth Matters has covered varied subjects, from the endangered status of the Tiger, the Rhino and the Asian Elephant; to the impending threat of global warming, the poison of plastic and the dangers of vehicular pollution. Earth Matters has explored the vibrant life of the ocean and the state of our coral reefs; it has traveled to the remote parts of the country discovering the way of life of indigenous tribes and cultures. 

The response to the series was tremendous, with Earth Matters receiving over a thousand letters every week from viewers all over the world. Letters poured from as far as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Pakistan, Bhutan and Kenya.

Our Audience included adults, university professors, school and college going children and the rural masses. In the last two years our series managed to penetrate to the grass-root level and created an aware and loyal viewer-ship base. The response from other countries has also been encouraging and heartening. The series has also received several international awards.

After three successful seasons, Earth Matters season 4 is back again. The series will take an in-depth and incisive look at the state of our environment and wildlife today. Travelling across the varied landscape of India and take stock of India’s rich andvibrant ecological heritage. It will be an attempt to educate and sensitize people to the threats our environment is facing today. It will not only empower the viewers with the knowledge but will also encourage them to make a difference.

  •  Duration:

    A series of 26 episodes – 30 mins

  •   Client:
    MoEF CC & Doordarshan network