In production : Lesser known destinations of Rajasthan

This 30 minute Film will portray the rich culture of the state of Rajasthan a much sought after holiday destination. This vibrant state offers a mixture of the colorful Indian culture, lush forests with varied wildlife, historical monuments and the brilliant golden hues of the Thar Desert.

The main highlight of the film is to explore the fascinating lesser known destination.

A unique experience as each destination illustrates a different aspect of its beauty.

The film provides viewers insight into the lifestyle of a warrior-class that once ruled this desert realm and when wars were fought astride elephants and horses.

The "citadels in the sky" provide us with a glimpse of the early Rajput court life of the

Maharajas, the noblemen and their wives. The grandeur still captivates many who have set their eyes on what were truly marvels of engineering and design.



In production
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