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    The film Distribution Reform, Upgrade & Management (DRUM) Program - Transforming India’s Distribution Sector produced for Tetra Tech Inc.
    The agriculture sector in India consumes about 23% of the total electricity produced and 90% of ground water. Subsidized electricity coupled with freely available
    The 45 minute film produced for World bank, USA, the film was about the high-profile conservation conference called by Russian president Vladimir Putin and World
    In the Western Ghats, The Indian Institute of Science along with Earthwatch Institute are working together on a scientific research programme supported by the HSBC
    This is a film to inspire people's participation in strengthening their own capacity for preparedness and risk reduction in disasters. Shot across three countries, in challenging
    Covering ten states across India, the key focus of the film is the political empowerment of women and the social bias and economic hurdles they face. The film showcased stories
    Produced for DKT - Ethiopia, the ad is a part of an AIDS awareness campaign promoting the use of
    A completely animated commercial, which integrated both hand drawn and 3d elements.
    A short film for India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited showcasing and highlighting the achievements in
    The AIDS awareness campaign was shot with the Indian cricket team and broadcast on the National network. The Spots were part of an awareness campaign for the non-profit Action India spearheaded by Nafisa Ali. 
    India has the highest recorded number of road accident deaths in the world. A safety and awareness campaign by Hubert Ebner India was launched and a series of films were produced which are now an integral
    Shot and output in full HD the film was projected on a special transparent screen, giving the illusion of the character and effects as being real and live! This was the first time this technique was used in India for a
    A TVC for POSCO – Korea.
    The film is a tribute to India’s silent
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