Films : Animation
    On planet E, a planet much like ours, people just throw all E waste out of the window... much like us! Where will this lead to and what will happen to planet E when there is just no
    Dimpy has bought himself a brand new monitor, but that leaves him with a problem. What do with the old one? An animated viral to create awareness about waste.
    A short 1 minute film that makes a statement on the way women are viewed. The film was a part of Project 360 – Moti Roti, an artist’s initiative and has been screened
    An awareness film for kids, Produced by Edu Media. A mix of live action and animation the film makes us think about where the waste we generate goes?
    An animated film for Going to School, a Delhi based NGO. Used as a tool to raise funds. Ashima talks about the challenges she faces and what she hopes and dreams for.
    Piku is a young boy who loves exploring his garden and is always up to all kinds of mischief. But one night a fairy comes to him and things change forever.
    The first part of an animated series of film on Spirituality and mental well being for Inner Trip Reiyukai International, an NGO, based in Japan.
    Wabbit is a work in progress series about the adventures and quite often, the misadventures of Wabbit! The series is self produced and is available for sale.
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