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Millions of people are living with HIV/AIDS globally today and worldwide AIDS claims more than 3 million lives every year. In India the situation is even more alarming as we have one of the highest number of HIVAIDS cases in the world. This disease once believed to be urban-centric has now spread to rural areas as well.

Awareness levels about the disease are dismally low in the country, especially among women and the working class.  

Chakravyuh is a docu-drama based on true-life events from the lives of people living with AIDS. It aims to educate and sensitize people to the threats, dispel the myths surrounding HIV/AIDS and help get rid of the social stigma attached to AIDS.   

This film also tries to give hope to people already suffering from the disease and to their families through the stories of those who are living fulfilling lives as they continue to battle the disease.  

Chakravyuh empowers the viewers with knowledge and information, which alone can make a difference. Through our film we hope to not only create AIDS awareness but also empathy for those struggling and surviving with the disease.

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